Whatever Happened to Corey Feldman?

By: Patrick Omari

Corey Feldman - the man, the myth, the legend. Since the 1980s Corey's acting has continued to develop but the roles he receives have lost impact and importance. Discover why he isn't as popular, but why he will be again with some massive recent movie par

For anyone who ever watched a movie from the 1980s, you will have seen the cheeky face of the young, precocious talent of actor Corey Feldman. It didn't matter whether he was in The Goonies, The 'Burbs or Dream a Little Dream, Feldman would light up the screen with his dazzling charisma and terrific acting ability. So, what happened to one of the most promising actors to emerge in the last fifty years?

Corey Feldman was often mislabelled as a teen heart-throb. Despite devastating good-looks, Feldman's talents deserved better than being labelled as just a face in a movie. His delivery of hilarious lines while maintaining the seriousness of a underground pirate's lair in The Goonies helped the movie gross a massive 61,000,000 dollars.

Feldman was always destined to be a star and maintained the integrity of his work throughout his career. In the 1980s when sixteen per cent of American actors were called Corey, not once did he consider changing his name to improve his marketing potential.

After starring in a commercial for a fast-food burger chain, Feldman was hooked on acting. Insisting on paying for his own acting lessons, the three-year-old put in the effort to land his first major film role at the age of eight, outshining Malcolm McDowell in Nicholas Meyer's Time After Time.

The 1980s launched Feldman upon the world, and he took to the role of international superstar like a duck to water. Feldman's duck would not be cooked with orange like the trendy dish of the time - it would fly and sometimes walk briskly into bigger and better movie roles.

Feldman's quirky image enabled him to become instantly recognisable, often wearing thick-rimmed black glasses and talking a lot. His character in The Goonies was called Ralph Mouth, because of his inability to keep quiet. Feldman himself is often quiet and is tired of the constant accusations of loud behaviour.

Corey appeared in The Lost Boys with another Corey. Feldman and Haim were the two coolest Coreys of the time, although Corey Matthews, a fictional character in the US show Boy Meets World, would weakly attempt to steal the Corey crown. Feldman would outlive the others and is still on TV more than thirty years after that ambitious toddler promoted fast food to an obese nation of Americans.

Feldman's career highlight occurred when he was awarded the part of Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although Feldman could probably have performed the physical aspects of the role, turtle kung fu and pizza eating, he did only provide the crazy voice.

As the 80s became a distant memory, the number of working Coreys reduced significantly. The actors union introduced a rule to reduce the number to just one by the turn of the millennium. The battle was on, but Corey Haim had almost given up acting and so the cage fight between Feldman and Haim failed to materialise. Feldman won by default and would continue to act.

Since the 90s, Feldman has starred in classic films such as Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, My Life as a Troll and the blockbuster smash of 2008, Lost Boys: The Tribe. Feldman continues to remain in high demand and performs in films, shows and documentaries as himself or as a character played by himself. Feldman is versatility personified and will endevour to rediscover the glory days of his youth.

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