Hunting the Real Chopard Watch: How to Spot a Fake Chopard Watch

By: Rebecca Reviews

If you're shopping for an authentic Chopard watch, how can you avoid purchasing a fake? Many replica manufacturers are doing a great job visually imitating the real Chopard watch, so how will you be certain the bargain watch you found is not a rip-off?

Spotting a fake Chopard watch becomes a really difficult task these days and if someone does not intend to buy a replica watch on purpose, then a great amount of money may be spent in vain. The problem with the most recent replica watches is that they visually resemble to such a degree the real timepieces, that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between real and fake, authentic and knock-off.

Some of the most high end imitations are also made of materials of the highest quality, include Swiss precise movements and feature designs that are almost perfect copies of the originals, as they are cut with accuracy by lasers of this latest generation. Someone must be either an expert, or a true timepiece connoisseur to determine if a timepiece is an imitation or not.

The first method of telling an imitation from the original is to observe carefully the movement. A watch that has a self-winding movement will have a sweeping second hand. This means that instead of ticking each second, the second hand will move swiftly in a series of fine ticks. The bracelet may also be an element that gives away a Chopard watch replica. This happens especially if it is meant to be made of solid gold. Many replica watches are gold-plated, and evidence of that can be seen if you look closely.

Next, there is the crystal. Some replica manufacturers opt for normal glass instead of sapphire crystal. As Chopard is also a manufacturer of jewelry, some replica creators will even try to replace the diamonds that are used in so many Ladies watches with fake precious stones. This is certainly one of the easiest ways of spotting a fake Chopard watch. But the only hope a shopper may have, if they are searching for an original Chopard watch, is that the replica manufacturers may miss one or more details, especially those related to branding, logos and/or signatures.

As the replica watches are sold by thousands of dealers both offline and online, people are recommended to use a trusted source if they do not want to risk. This advice is not valid only for the Chopard watch, but for all the high-end brands that are available all around the world.

On the other hand, there are people who buy on purpose a replica watch because they do not have the financial resources to buy the original. There are even online stores that admit that they sell replica watches.

If you are indeed shopping for a real authentic Chopard watch, it would be best ask the online dealer for a serial number. They should be able to provide you with one. Next, contact the manufacturer to have them verify the serial number. This is indeed the best way to make sure that you've spent your money wisely and have avoided the purchase of a fake Chopard watch.

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