Health Matters - Stop Severe Diarrhea without Nasty Meds

By: Thomas Mayhew

This article gives a remedy used for stopping diarrhea that is a natural substance known and used throughout the world but largely forgotten in Western civilization.

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Can it be possible?

Sure thing. I am living proof. This is no laughing matter, but I've learned to laugh at the tough stuff and the unmentionables. Severe diarrhea is one of them. Ha Ha Ha.

For three years, I was suffering intolerably from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After failing to find relief (pun not intended), I had resigned myself to die at home. You say "really"? Really. Over a 3- year period, I had lost 35+ pounds and was barely alive. Though a serious fighter by nature, I was finished. I had no fight left in me. No energy, no nothing. I told my wife that I was prepared to meet my Maker.

She said, "No, you aren't finished here yet". I looked at my son and could not stand the thought of him not having Daddy around. I had to fight and had just a little sliver of hope.

Within 24 hours of that spark of hope rekindled, we spoke with a Doctor that knew what was going on with me. He didn't just know how to treat me, he knew the cause of my physiologically incapacitating illness. Something that no other Doctor had figured out.

To save my life, he said to take charcoal. What? Yes, that's right charcoal. You see I had been unable to digest so much as a cracker for 40-days. Whatever I ate just sort of flew right through me, leaving me dehydrated and lacking in electrolytes. So, for the first time in so many days, I was able to actually eat a very simple food and keep it from doing the aeronautical thing through my gut.

Charcoal pulls out toxins.

Charcoal saved my life.

Charcoal is an adsorbent, that's why it can pull stuff like toxins and pass safely through your body.

Charcoal slows down your motility. That means a lot when that is what you need - especially in a case as extreme as mine. It was critically important in my case, because my body had developed a sensitivity to just about every food or substance anyone ever thought of ingesting.

Please note that Charcoal can bind you up. Thus you should consult with a Doctor skilled in Nutrition and who is also knowledgeable about the internal use of Charcoal. It is critical to find the cause of your severe diarrhea ASAP. You need a Doctor that will identify the cause. Otherwise, the charcoal will be just a temporary help - especially if you are in the kind of condition I found myself.

And that was no laughing matter.

Copyright 2007 Thomas Mayhew

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