Why It Can Be So Difficult To Get An Autism Diagnosis

An autism diagnosis can still be difficult to obtain despite the studies that have helped people better understand autism. The reason is because there are many factors that need to be considered when making a diagnosis.

First of all, there is more than one type of autism disorder and there are other disabilities that are closely related to autism such as Asperger's Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).

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Adult Autism Does Not Have To Hurt Your Relationship

Those who have been diagnosed with high functioning adult autism have the opportunity to live relatively normal lives. This includes having a job, being in a relationship and even starting a family. However, developing an intimate relationship with another person can still be a difficult process for a high functioning autistic, though certainly not impossible.

The following are 10 tips on how to manage adult autism and have a healthy, strong relationship.


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Art Therapy For High Functioning Autism How To Get Started

People who have high functioning autism can be taught at an early age to express themselves through different forms of therapy. In order to lead relatively normal lives, a high functioning autistic requires a certain level of social skills. The development of these skills can be accomplished through a number of therapies including play therapy, social skilled classes or groups, psychotherapy, social stories and expressive therapies.

One expressive therapy that has proven to be quite beneficial is art therapy.

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Autism Therapy An Endless Job

Unfortunately autism at this point has no known cure and very little is known about the specific causes of this condition. Diagnosing this disorder is not easy either as often the visible signs of this condition are assumed to be "bad-behavior" and behavior management programs are prescribed instead.

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Understanding Autism And Anxiety On Socialization

There are many things about autistic children that people generally do not understand, and there are also times when the parents are just as baffled as everyone else. There is a lot of information out there about autistic children, but much of it is conflicting. It's hard to know what to believe and what pertains to an individual child. Parents naturally want what is best for their children, and they cannot stand to think that their children might be suffering. There can be huge problems with autism and anxiety on socialization for many families.

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Five Autism Types Explained

Autism used to be the term used for anyone with that particular condition. Today, there are several different sub categories for different levels of disability or function. No two children diagnosed will be the same, but there will be many things that they do have in common. With some high functioning autistics most people may not even be aware that they have autism, while others need assistance in almost any part of life, and they are obviously living a very different life than other children.

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Understanding Autism Statistics

It would seem there are more alarming autism statistics each year. These are often hard to comprehend, and can be very misleading if you don't understand what you are reading. Autism is a blanket term for quite a few different conditions that are all related, yet vary in degree of function.

Asperger's is a relatively new term that covers a wide range of higher functioning children and adults. This is something that is relatively new, and people are now just getting the proper diagnosis.

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Can Adults Be Diagnosed With Autism Later In Life?

Autism has been around for many years as specific condition but hasn't always well understood by the medical community and for some people their condition has been misdiagnosed. Though the classic form of autism is something that is often quite obvious in a child, there are high functioning autism types like Asperger's that can be thought to be something else entirely. This form is just now being understood, and many who have had it their whole lives are just now learning that this is the case.

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Top 5 Common Symtoms Of Autism In Children

There are more and more children being diagnosed with autism today. There are new forms of higher functioning autistics being diagnosed, and that leads to higher numbers. Many times children were labeled as being shy or painfully introverted when they really had autism. Though the lower functioning and more common form of autism are easily spotted, those with Asperger's were often missed or dismissed.

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Understanding Glyconutrients Autism Treatment

Though there has yet to be a cure found for autism, there are studies ongoing in hopes of finding the root of the problem. There are many theories about why this happens to some children, and also why the numbers of those being diagnosed are so high. At the moment they are just theories. One such theory looks utilizing a glyconutrients autism treatment.

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