Managing Social Anxiety In Children With Autism

As a parent with an autistic child, you want to do everything you can to protect your child. We don't want to place our children in circumstances that scare them, however, setting your child up in a program or providing them with social activities can help them to learn how to manage their social anxieties.

First of all, when your child is diagnosed with autism, research the symptoms that are associated with this developmental disorder. The more information you have, the better you will be qualified to deal with certain situations.

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Common Autism Treatments Reviewed

Autism is a developmental disability that affects both children and adults. The symptoms of autism are usually diagnosed within the first three years of the child's life. These symptoms may be more pronounced in some than others and will often affect both the social and communication abilities of the individual.

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Dan! (defeat Autism Now)

In 1995, a group of thirty scientists and physicians were selected to try to get together and defeat autism. These forward thinking researchers were chosen due to their experience working with autism and hailed from the United States and Europe. Not satisfied with the available treatments for autism, this meeting of the minds was created to embark on a new pathway to understanding autism and finding different ways to treat it. Today the group still meets to share what they have discovered and further our understanding of autism.

It took them a year but the DAN!

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A Parent's Guide to Understanding Asperger's Disorder

Asperger's Disorder is a developmental disorder that can have devastating symptoms and can be seen in children as young as two years old. It is not caused by and infection or virus and why it occurs is not fully understood, however it is not your fault.

Although it isn't as debilitating as autism, Asperger's is no less impairing. Aspergers syndrome was first describe by Hans Asperger, an Austrian physician, in 1944. It is one of a sub set of what is called Autistic Spectrum Disorders in European countries, or Pervasive Developmental Disorders ("PDD"), in the United States.

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Autism A Quick Insight

My son is autistic and NO, that doesn't mean he is exceptionally talented at maths, music or art. Those remarkable people are autistic savants - same problem just different.

That's the problem with autism - everyone is different!

When Jodi was diagnosed I didn't know of anyone with autism and most people I spoke to had either never heard of it, or had seen Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Their knowledge was therefore as limited as mine.

I didn't understand it and still don't. Autism is a complex mystery which no-one seems to be able to solve.

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How To Improve The Behavior Of A Child With Autism

All children are blessings. The same is the case with those who bear a neurological disorder called autism. As such, just like any blessing, they too should be treasured and cared for. It is our responsibility to make them feel better by guiding them towards a normal and happy life.

As a neurological disorder, autism cannot be dealt with through psychiatric treatments, contrary to the former dominant beliefs of the early 20th century. However, there is still hope when it comes to modifying behavior through the provision of appropriate stimuli.

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Important Things to Remember about Autism

The long term care for an individual with autism varies from one individual to the next. Some individuals will need intensive, lifelong supervision. Others will go on to attend college or live independently. There is a great range of possibilities in between. Families generally start planning the long term care goals when the child reaches adolescence and tweaking the plan throughout the teenage years. Many government funded programs, like group homes and creative housing, have wait lists that are many years long.

A cure for autism is the hope of many parents, families, and researchers.

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Autism therapy methods

Until today, no real cure for autism has been detected. But an early and proper treatment could very much lessen the disruptive behavior and reduce the challenges parents and physicians deal with due to the disorder. An appropriate treatment might help autistic patients to learn, develop certain skills and get a specific rate of independency.

Autism can be treated by occupational therapy that tries to improve patient's basic skills and functions like getting dressed on their own, bathing or eating alone. Body movements can also be helped by different physical exercises such as massaging.

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Diagnosing autism

Autism is usually diagnosed around the age of three when an abnormal development of the child is noticed. An early diagnose is essential for the future medical care as well as for the outcome of the parents. An initial diagnose of autism includes a physical evaluation and a neurological examination completed with a registry of the medical history of the child since birth and a medical history of the family. Clinical testing may also be helpful to classify the condition and rule out other assembling diseases.

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Main signs and symptoms of autism

The autistic disorder is a spectrum of many converged symptoms affecting attention, perception and thought. The condition varies from mild to severe and the shown behavior is inappropriate for the age.

Autism is classified as a condition belonging to the disease group called pervasive Development Disorders. The three major areas affected by autism are behavior, communication and interaction. When at least six of the symptoms of these areas damage occur, a temporary diagnose of autistic disorder can be established. Further testing is necessary.

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